Missing Pet Consultant Certificate Program

Make a difference


Whatever your role in the world of animal welfare, you can play a part in helping keep families together. Our certificate programs are suitable for animal shelter staff and volunteers, law enforcement staff who handle animal control, veterinary hospital staff, pet sitters, and any other providers of animal care services.  

Advance your career


 Earn continuing education credits (CEU) and improve your resume. Whether you are seeking a promotion, a new job, or a part-time retirement career, this training will add to your skill set. 

Save lives


Every year, millions of dogs and cats are euthanized in animal shelters. The majority of these animals are "strays" whose owners did not find and reclaim them in time. By getting missing pets back home quickly and preventing them from becoming lost again, you can save countless lives.  

Missing Pet Consultant Course 1: Introduction to the world of missing pets


 How many pets go missing every year, how many are found, and where do they all go? In this course you will learn the scope of the problem, the societal impacts, and how you can get involved and make a difference. 

Course 2: Missing pet prevention and recovery in the animal shelter


 What happens to stray pets in shelters, and why are so few reclaimed? In this course you will learn the myth of pet overpopulation and how a focus on adoption perpetuates it. the barriers to owner reunion, and how to navigate the shelter system.  

Course 3: Becoming a Missing Pet Consultant


How can you help owners find their pets, whether in the community or in the shelters? In this course you will learn missing pet, owner, and finder behavior, effective search techniques, and myths, scams, and bad advice to be avoided.  

Program Details

Courses, modules, and time commitment

The Missing Pet Consultant certificate program is made up of three courses as described above. Each course is three weeks long for a total of nine weeks. Expect to spend 3-4 hours per week on class meetings and assignments. 

Class meetings

Each week students will watch a recorded webinar at their convenience. At the end of each week there will be a live class meeting for discussion of materials. The live meetings will be recorded for those unable to attend.  


Students will be given links to reading material, videos, and other media for study. Each week, an assignment will be given to demonstrate understanding of the module. A final project and all assignments must be completed in order to receive the certificate of completion. Email info@animalsheltersuccess.com for more information.