Animal Welfare Seminars and Consulting

Increase owner reclaim


Across the country, 80% of dogs and 98% of cats entering shelters will never be found by their owners. Why is that, and what can be done about it? Learn proven techniques utilized by animal shelters of all kinds (city, county, private) and budgets to increase owner reclaim. 

Get pets back home quickly


 The longer a pet stays in the shelter, the higher their chances of developing a medical or behavioral problem that will make them unadoptable. Learn how to find owners and facilitate reunions quickly, shortening length of stay and ultimately improving the health of the whole population.  

Decrease intake


 No one wants more animals in their shelter. Help owners keep their pets safely at home where they belong, and conserve resources for other pets truly in need, like young kittens or ill or injured animals.  

Engage volunteers and community partners


Learn how to engage your shelter's volunteers as well as community partners like rescue groups, lost pet page admins, beneficial organizations, and others in your lost pet prevention and recovery efforts. Learn how to work together with the other shelters in your community to maximize success. 

Help owners find their pets


 The owners of missing pets are coming to you for help. Give them the advice and counseling they need to recover their pets in the community, keeping them out of the shelter. Learn the behaviors of missing pets as well as the behavior of owners and finders that can hinder reunion.  



 The animal shelter seminar package includes a one-day onsite training and a customized consultation with recommendations for the hosting agency. We strongly encourage coalitions to participate, as a cooperative effort is more often successful. Email for more information.